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Let us know what your needs are and we will help you do the research with a customized caregiver support and transition plan for care and support of your loved ones. 


When faced with what decision to make with a loved one, the best place to begin is with a consultation with Reality Leap. During our complimentary session, we offer guidance and support that will help the caregiver understand all of their options, by understanding  alternatives to care for their loved ones. In addition, we place an emphasis on self care and overall wellness for the entire family.  Families who consult with us generally feel more empowered and prepared to offer high quality care for the ones they love.


At Reality Leap we care about providing insight to families and caregivers around providing exceptional care. Participants walk away empowered with the right information and insight into providing a higher quality of care for the ones they love.

Please inquire about our available workshops:

Family Support
Care Package

After we provide the complementary consultation, every family that engages with us is encouraged to purchase a Family Support Care Package. In this package, we are able to assemble a list of resources and action strategies that they require to support their loved ones.

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