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Reality Leap

At Reality Leap we care about providing insight to families and caregivers around providing exceptional care. Participants walk away empowered with the right information and insight into providing a higher quality of care for the ones they love.  

Power of
Attorney 101

Provides an inside view at becoming an effective power of attorney and what to expect as you take on the role of power of attorney for care and  / or for property 

What to Expect in Providing
Exceptional Care

Insight, tips and support for care givers and families who are caring for an aged loved one. Our workshops can be centered around a specific health illness such as how to support a loved one through dementia, cancer recovery or dialysis.  

Secrets to Surviving the
Sandwhich Generation Squeeze

So, you are providing care for both your parents and your children? Our workshops help you manage both important roles and shows you how to bring balance back to your life.  

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Life happens, take a leap! Contact us to find out if any of our workshops and services is a right fit for your corporation or individual needs. 

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