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Reality Leap Objectives and Core Values

Our objective at Reality Leap is to support local families as they transition into a home and safe space for an elderly parent or loved one that is aging.

We understand the challenges that come inherently with caring for a loved one when there are limited time and resources and we want to do our best to help every family transition into a lifestyle of health, wholeness and wellbeing, as they provide ultimate care for their aging elder.

Our core value is our belief that we are all products of the ones who came before. What better way to honor our loved ones, than to ensure that they are growing and aging in a healthy, happy and wholesome environment. Reality Leap helps adult children and caregivers identify areas where they can improve the quality of care they provide.

At Reality Leap we value community and diversity. We support elderly adults and caregivers with lifestyle changes and cater our services to their individualized needs. Our core values of community and diversity aim to ensure all families and individuals have access to culturally responsive support services that help them transition into a lifestyle of health, wholeness and wellbeing. We believe that to honor our loved ones, we should ensure that they are growing and aging in a healthy, happy and wholesome environment that appreciates their unique needs and cultural practices.

Today’s Realities About Caregiving

There are two prominent options when it comes to providing care for seniors and loved ones. The first option is that a loved one is placed in a facility outside of the home; such as a hospital, nursing home or treatment center. The second option is that the loved one remains in the home with siblings, children or personal care providers. Both options provide additional lifestyle stress as helping a loved one through a challenging health crisis, long or short, isn’t easy and often requires much adjustment.

A Consultation with Reality Leap

When faced with what decision to make with a loved one, the best place to begin is with a consultation with Reality Leap. During our complimentary session, we offer guidance and support that help the care provider understand all of their options. Our consultations could save a family valuable time and money, by understanding alternatives to care for their loved one. In addition, we place an emphasis on self care and overall wellness for the entire family.

Families who consult with us generally feel more empowered and prepared to offer high quality care for the ones they love.

Compassionate Hands
Caregiver Network

(Non-profit Organization)

In 2018, Arlette was told that her training and insight was a valuable resource for seniors in the community. While caring for her aged mother who suffers with dementia, Arlette would visit different seniors organizations in her city. Spending time with her mother and other elders from many cultures helped Arlette understand what their unique concerns and challenges were. She found that there were many community organizations and initiatives that did their best to serve seniors, but there was still a considerable lack of whole-life support.

Arlette found that recreational programs were great, but little was being done to help caregivers deal with the compassion fatigue that may arise when protecting the financial or emotional interests of their loved ones. There were also few resources that supported families who had issues with the day-to-day activities involved with caring for aging loved ones.

It was then that Compassionate Hands Caregiver Network was born! Arlette began by offering telephone consultations with caregivers and their loved ones. This is a service which is now in high demand. At present, Arlette has plans to expand her telephone consultation service as well as to compile a resource directory for the Peel, Dufferin and Wellington areas.

By 2022, Compassionate Hands Caregiver Network will serve as an interactive and engaging platform where caregivers and their loved ones can be referred to culturally responsive activities and services happening in their area.

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Emergency room nurses met the criteria for compassion fatigue.

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Ambulance paramedics have post-traumatic Stress related to compassion Fatigue

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Between 16% and 85% of health care workers develop compassion fatigue.

Arlette McEachrane

CEO of Reality Leap Inc.

Reality Leap is a for-profit SME which focuses on directing seniors and their caregivers to culturally specific programs in their community that enhance their health, wellness and overall quality of life.

The concept of Reality Leap was first founded in 2004. At that time, our CEO, Arlette McEachrane’s mother was diagnosed with dementia. Having an elder parent with an aging concern changed their definition of “normal”.

At the time of the diagnoses, very little was shared with Arlette about what to expect and how best to support her mother. Her love and concern for her mother then inspired Arlette to invest the next 3 years of her mother’s diagnosis in understanding more about this disease. After engaging and interacting with knowledgeable doctors, specialists and care providers around her mother’s care, Arlette was then able to establish safe in-home protocols for taking care of her mother. In addition to ensuring that their home was a protective and safe space, Arlette found a variety of ways to keep her mother occupied doing activities she loved. Having a mother with dementia is an experience that may bring much anxiety to others, but has become a new experience that Arlette’s entire household has easily been able to adjust to. Arlette then decided to share what she knew with others who needed her support – which is why she established Reality Leap.

Now, with Reality Leap, Arlette dedicates her time and attention to helping other individuals and families learn new ways of engaging with their elderly loved ones as they age. Since the Covid 19 pandemic, Reality Leap has quickly become recognized as a valuable resource which provides families the quality insight they need when planning for the wellness and care of their loved one.

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